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Pen and black ink illustration by Albrecht Dürer, Nuremberg, 1507-1519.

Extensively re-drawn. Fine art replica giclée print © 2020 Allen Bjorkman


  • Matted Dimensions: 6 x 6 inches

    Please note that the frames shown are not always available, and the outside dimensions of framed prints vary in size. Mat colors may also vary. Contact our frame shop for custom framing at no extra cost at

  • This small drawing is a fragment cut out of an original manuscript written by the Nuremberg humanist Willibald Pirckheimer (1470-1530) around 1512. The author was also a collector and close friend of Dürer's. The manuscript was a Latin translation from a Greek text, the Hieroglyphica by Horapollo (fourth century AD). Parts of the text can be read on the verso (back) of the drawing. This text was important in the Renaissance as it claimed to explain the hidden meaning of the sacred symbols of ancient Egypt. It stimulated the creation of emblems in which meaning could be hidden except from those who understood them.

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