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The patron Saint of English Knighthood
Woodcut, London, 1527.
Fine art replica giclée print © 1991 by Allen Bjorkman.

Saint George (choice of colored or Black ink)

  • Image Dimensions: 7 1/4 x 6 1/4 inches, Matted Dimensions: 13 1/2 x 12 inches

    Please note that the frames shown are not always available, and the outside dimensions of framed prints vary in size. Mat colors may also vary. Contact our frame shop for custom framing at no extra cost at

  • This image (not colored) was re-discovered after being hidden in an odd book in the British Museum. The print had been missing from "The Faerie Queene", an  epic poem by Edmund Spenser that he had presented to Elizabeth I in 1589. Thanks to Labame Houston of Manteo, NC  who found it!

    King Edward III made George the Patron Saint of England when he formed the Order of the Garter in St. George’s name in 1350, and the cult of the Saint was further advanced by King Henry V, at the battle of Agincourt in northern France. In England St. George’s Day is celebrated, and his flag flown, on his feast day, April 23rd.

    Shakespeare made sure that nobody would forget St. George, and has King Henry V finishing his pre-battle speech with the famous phrase, ‘Cry God for Harry, England and St. George!’

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